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By choosing our managed services, you access our 24/7/365 unlimited support via email, Skype* and phone. It allows your business to grow in a more secure environement and saves you time and money by preventing mistakes thanks to our experience.

  • Cloud

    We provide solutions that let you connect your cloud and dedicated resources into a unique hybrid cloud.

  • Managed Hosting

    With years of experience planning, deploying, and managing complex configurations, we help your business.

  • Network

    We know secure, reliable, high speed Internet connectivity is critical for your business growth.

  • Hosting

    We are present in USA (New York), Asia (Singapore), Australia (Sydney), Russia (Moscow), Luxembourg, and France.

  • Security

    From best practices to specialized hardware and architectures, we make sure your data and services are safe.


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What People Say About Us

More than 300 customers of all sizes and in all industries are transforming their businesses with Iguana Worldwide. To see how we help companies like yours run better, explore how other customers are generating more value with Iguana.

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    - Daniel Marhely, co-founder.
    I see Iguana Worldwide as an excrescence of Deezer; they are part of the Deezer team, and vice-versa. We work in tight collaboration, and today, if I couldn’t have that kind of closeness, it wouldn’t be able to work...
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    - Benjamin Bejbaum, co-founder.
    ..It is thanks to Iguana’s expertise in these domains, as well as to the quality of its infrastructures and relationships with its partners that Dailymotion was able to grow and develop..
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    - Alexis Lesage & Thibault Celier
    ..we had to all be in the same place to be able to react in a second, and that’s where Iguana intervened. With fiber optics offering over 10Gbps, we couldn’t have had better service ..
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    Oyez !

    - Olivier Nachba & Henri Danzin, founders.
    ..Iguana Worldwide have been able to meet our expectations in terms of infrastructures, choices on a material equipment level and in terms of services, by ensuring high availability, advice, support, and super responsiveness..
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  • debian
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Why Should You Choose Us ?

There are a lot of web hosting companies, but they are not all the same, when we first built Iguana, we wanted to build a hosting resource for serious entrepreneur and businesses so we knews that everything we did must add to their competitive advantage.

Great Clients

Because great clients will allways speak more than any marketing argument.. We would like you just to have a look to our Portfolio. 

Single Worldwide Ressource

We can assist you in your worldwide growth since we are already on three continents for many years. 

Great Infrastructures

We have the most demanding critera for every city we enter. We are rigourous in selecting data-center, installing state of the art servers and establishing great network performance.


Great Team

We have an experienced, talented and dedicated team. Each and every one of them represent the spirit of our company.


Out of our experience, we have built an amazing Business Intelligent Software and client interface system.

Dedicated Support 24/7/365

Our team is dedicated to our customers 24/7/365! (from 10 AM to 7 PM (GMT+1) by mail, phone and skype other time by phone)

Everything we do adds to your competitive advantage!

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