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Mobile World Congress: The Next Generation Network (NGN) at stake

During Mobile World Congress, Alcatel-Lucent released the fact that they now ship more than 125 million Voice over IP subscriber licenses that use their IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). An astonishing fact considering that IMS represent the communications core for next generation IP networks for Alcatel-Lucent.


The ITU-T (for Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunications Union) defines the Next Generation Network (NGN) as a packet-based network able to provide Telecommunication Services to users and able to make use of multiple broadband, QoS-enabled transport technologies and in which service-related functions are independent of the underlying transport-related technologies. It enables unfettered access for users to networks and to competing service providers and services of their choice. It supports generalised mobility which will allow consistent and ubiquitous provision of services to users. The new “cloud” services, anywhere anytime any device’s principles and growing users are shaping very diverse types of network traffic to the traditional mix of in-house client-server enterprise workloads.


More bandwidth is required to deliver the richer workloads involved. And latency is at stake to maintain low response times for applications and services, to make sure users are happy with their experience. We then need to imagine new creative responses to deliver current needs but also anticipate the future explosion of usages. At Iguana Worldwide, we’ve been providing high quality network for services with incredible growth, such as Dailymotion as it debuts or Deezer since its birth. The results for every client we serve is obvious; we are among the most efficient providers when it comes to handling the impact of Network growth on services!

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